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MG's Solaris HTAD III-s


DOB: 05/13/2016


Height: 18"

Weight: 40 lbs

OFA Hips: Fair

Optimal Selection Results

BAER: Normal Feb 2019

Sol was bred by Mario Gonzalez out of Rising Sun Priscilla (littermate to my Loki) to Mike Davis' Jamie. 

I absolutely love this boy, from his sunny personality to his work ethic. I'm convinced there isn't a bad bone in his body, and he does everything with a tail wag and complete enthusiasm. He as an incredible teammate on the trial field, and tackles all my difficult tasks at home without question. He is also one of my go-to's if a friend needs a sheepdog to help with chores. He's dependable and kind to his sheep. He has always had wide flanks and been a natural out runner, but can be pushy on his lift. 

He has a gregarious personality, and loves when he can snuggle up with someone, no matter the location. 

11/2023- HTADs III

12/30-12/31/2023- HXAs 

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