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HR Renegade HTADIIIs


DOB: 07/06/2018

Height: 18"

Weight: 38 lbs

OFA Hips: Good

Optimal Selection Results

Wren is a lovely bitch out of a littermate to Brian Cash's Neal that I've had since 12 months old.

While Wren was a slow start, she has now become a dog that I have enjoyed training and trialing. She works in an upright position with wide flanks and good forward movement. She isn't my most powerful dog, but she will give me her entire heart to get the job done.

Wren came into my life prior to COVID; as a result, our livestock training took a backseat for the foreseeable future so I worked on agility foundations and teamwork building skills. Wren excelled at learning the game of agility, showing a fearlessness when it came to learning the teeter, tunnel, and walking on elevated plants. 

Her solid temperament has made all our pursuits easier to obtain: I have never worried taking her into a crowd of people, no matter the circumstance. She is a social butterfly with a loving personality. I look forward to working with her more moving forward, especially as we begin completing her AHBA championship. 




11/2023- HTADIII-s

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