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HR Wren x Rock


I'm excited to announce that Wren will be bred to Rock in early 2024. 

I have been following Rock since Nicole Rhodes first started posting about him, and I was especially excited to see that he is out of Lyn Howells' Boss, and many of Michelle Anderson's accomplished dogs, including Red. I love his look, his style, and his presence on stock. Grace recently bought Rock, and has had nothing but wonderful things to say about his temperament and how easily he adjusted from being a kennel dog to a family companion. She has continued her training, and hopes to compete with him in 2024.

While my primary pursuit with Wren has been herding, we took some time off during COVID to work on building a partnership and dabble in agility. With her willingness to please, Wren is always happy doing anything I ask of her. In herding, she gives me her whole heart, and we have started competing in AHBA in the last year. She has her HRD-s I and HTAD-s III titles. 

I'm hoping to produce biddable, high-drive, and athletic dogs from this litter. 

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